Friday, September 28, 2012

Developing a 2D Game

What up doods?

So I'm in a club on campus called IC Game Developer's where we work together to try to design and develop video games. It's student run and a lot of fun, and throws you right into the experience of being a game designer, so if you're interested in joining or just want some more info you should talk to me after class sometime. Anyways, we are currently working on a 2D sidescrolling game about a robot trying to become human. I'm working as the art team leader and have a lot of work ahead of me to get the game at least into a working stage. It's been a bit of a struggle since I have just begun to scratch the surface on programs like GIMP, Photoshop and Illustrator, but since everyone is at that point we are all learning as we work towards a functioning game. My role is to create the enemies in the game, and get them animating in smooth cycles. It is really difficult but I am learning a lot as I go, and hopefully some of the skills will transfer to my animations in After Effects. I've been really inspired lately by a small indie game called Fez... if you haven't heard of it do yourself a favor and check it out. It is a beautifully rendered game with a retro pixel art style that sits in both a 2D and 3D world. It's a platformer and in order to solve the games puzzle and get past each level you have to change the perspective of the camera, manipulating the entire stage of the game. The art style is incredibly original and has a charming appeal to it. Here is one of the games trailers:

This weekend the Game Developer's are holding a game jam to try to crank out as much work as possible. It's pretty much a 48 hour lock in where we do nothing but work, so it's gonna be intense and hopefully extremely productive! I will probably post next week about the results.

I'm also now in charge of the twitter account! So follow us @ICGDC! I'll be posting a ton this weekend to update on our progress!

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