Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The difference of animation

I wanted to be able to see the difference in what animators have been able to do over the years. So I went to google and checked out two pictures from over the years. This picture on the left is a newer animation that I found. The animation on the right, is an older animation that I found. Would anyone be able to go back to watching these old animations since we have become so advanced? Or do you prefer the newer age in animation?

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  1. Animation is about storytelling. I don't think that advances in technology have a disruptive effect. We will be fascinated by how scribbles in a flipbook come to life simply by, well, flipping.

    Actually the simpler or more abstract the character, the easier it is to identify with it. That is why anime characters like Pokemon are such a phenomenal success. The kid in the right is easy to identify with. Any kid can be "that" kid. That is not to say we are not highly entertained by more sophisticated or realistic characters but there is a proven correlation with simplicity and abstraction and the identification we feel with it. A smiley would be an extreme example of that.
    For more on that read Understanding Comics which is an extraordinary book. You can find it in the library or buy it HERE (really worth it!)