Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thought Cafe and Political Animaition

So for this week i wanted to point to one of my favorite animation studios, Thought Cafe. I like them not because they have the most amazing, cutting edge 3D animation but because they work excessively on politically motivated pieces for non profits. They say that they want to promote critical awareness using info graphic driven animations, and it shows in their work. They have a certainly distinctive style, with a focus on simple moving figures on larger 2D canvases. I really like the art style not only because I think it's ascetically very nice, but I can also clearly identify with my limited knowledge of animation some basic stuff like wiggle expressions.

In addition, in the interview with Wired, co-founder of the studio Suzanna Brusikiewicz said, ”We were also excited to be different, go against the grain, and show designers and communicators that there are many messages outside of advertising that designers desperately need to cater to.” I think that's a really powerful idea, to be able to use the ideas and concepts of advertisement and mass market design to do something good. Now clearly that idea has been had before, but I think Thought Bubble is doing this in its own way to a new audience of internet users.

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