Thursday, December 12, 2013

So Long Motion Graphics, you might be missed...

My time as a motion graphic students has come to an end. The most important lesson I learned in this class is SAVE SAVE SAVE your project. Not only should you save your project you should also alway save multiple copies of it. This semester 2 out of my 3 projects that I have created for this class original files were deleted. The first time it happened I was devastated but I tried to take it as a learning experience, it allowed me to really understand what I was doing when it came to creating my name animation. The second time I did I just wanted to give up but I persevered and it came out even better than the original. All I can say is that other than understanding what you are doing the next most important this is save it! You can always go back to an original copy if you messed up but you cant go back if its not there.

Arturo is a wonderful teacher and is always willing to help you with whatever problem arrises. Maybe I am sucking up a little to get a better grade... but I truly do mean it. Some advise for the Spring Motion Graphics class is to never feel afraid or embarrassed to ask a question, if Arturo can't tell you how to fix it off the top of his head he will eventually figure it out, informational youtube videos really do help, download the free trial, it will definitely come in handy and finally try and use after effects every single day because if you don't you will forget how to use it!

Good Luck!

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