Sunday, March 6, 2011

ICTV Graphic

This is a graphic I made in Photoshop for an ICTV show Nick and I work on. We wanted to use it as a background in a monitor that the 2 hosts sit on either side of. I'm trying to brainstorm ideas of how to animate it now...I don't want anything too crazy because it will take away from the hosts talking and be a distraction. I saved it so when I import to After Effects all of the layers will be there so I can animate each one individually. Any ideas?


  1. Some of the elements suggest some basic animations. You have the slate which could clap once to begin with. THen you have the film strip which could show a sequence running (no need to move the film, just change the images in the frames), then the popcorn could pop a few and finally the Title could simply glow.
    Piece'a cake:-)

  2. i agree with the idea of having pictures run through the reel. the film strip would look really neat to have some movies running through it and you can keep it up to date with your show, so whatever movies you were talking about that night you could change it.
    if thats annoying and too much work id stick with some classic movies to continue running through the film strip.
    nice work with photoshop!

  3. I agree with the filmstrip idea. I think it would look really cool to have it moving with frames of video in them.

  4. thanks! I really like these ideas, nice and simple but still creative and noticeable. I'll start working it on it in class Tuesday!