Thursday, March 10, 2011


Paul Rand - Rand was probably successful because he believed that good design was part of life. Steve Jobs, who hired Rand to create a logo for NeXT called him "the greatest living graphic designer" shortly before his death. And while some in the graphics industry didn't like him, it is indisputable that Rand's work transformed the industry into what it is today.

Scott Kim - Kim is a designer in many aspects of web games and toys. He specializes in ambigrams and inversions, which are really quite cool. Like what Dan Brown did in "The Davinci Code." You can even buy Scott Kim greeting cards with ambigrams on the front.

John Maeda - Maeda is a designer who also works at MIT. One of his missions is to teach people how to use simplicity in such a complex global environment. He collaborated with Reebok to make shoes, and his designs can be found in many other places.

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