Friday, March 11, 2011

Three Designers

Paul Rand was an American graphic designer who was best known for the corporate logos he created. The innovative and forward-thinking logos he created for companies such was IBM, Westinghouse, UPS, ABC, and dozens of others changed the way companies marketed their products with sleek, streamlined marketing. His approach was generally one that revolved around simplicity and it's probably that mindset that made his logos incredibly popular. If you google image search his work, so many recognizable corporate logos come up that it proves that he was a pioneer in the industry.

Scott Kim is an American artist, computer game designer, and puzzle designer.
Perhaps best known for his puzzle designing, his achievements in other fields are not to be ignored. Kim worked on developing games for PlayStation and Nintendo64. Kim's most recognizab
le work is certainly the ambigrams that come from his 1981 book Inversions which produced some wildly popular graphics and designs. An ambigram is something that reads that same going backwards and forwards.

John Medea is an American graphic designer, computer scientist, and university professor. He is most known for his work while attending MIT as a software engineering student. He has been heavily influenced by the practices and principles of Paul Rand and attempts to utilize Rand's style into his work.

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