Saturday, May 5, 2012

Everything Animated

So to end my semester, I decided to dedicate my last blog to a page on Vimeo called "Everything Animated." I thought nothing could be more appropriate then to end with this blog about a channel for the admirers of any kind of animation. On this website there are numerous videos of all varieties of animation. Overall the one video that I really liked was for a new upcoming video game. The trailer is really cool, especially how the visuals in the blood transform and morph into all different objects, such as animals or people. I hope that with more practice and maybe even taking more classes in my future that I could potentially generate something to this standard. I really enjoyed this class and very happy I got to take it. So here is the video...Enjoy!

Also in addition, if you would like to check out any other videos on the page here is the link. There are a crazy amount of videos that are all worth taking a look at!

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