Thursday, January 31, 2013

Music Videos

Something I have always been interested in watching and making is music videos. I love how creative and freestyle they can be. One of my favorite music videos is Immaculate Misconception by Motionless In White. It is a great video that mixes actual staged footage, and live footage that they took from a show. The story goes along with the music, and is very well directed. The video is very dark to go along with the music, has quick edits to go with the fast music, and a lot of the images make you wonder what you just looked at.

Another kind of music video I enjoy are the text based ones. That's something I have always loved to do in my free time, and it's a great way to learn After Effects while doing complex things with just text. My favorite one of these is A Creeping Dose by In Fear and Faith. I feel like the background images go great with the message of the song, and the text movement is awesome in my opinion. What separates this video from others of its kind is how the background images are also changing and not just a single background image.

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