Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Waltz with Bashir

The following two clips are from the 2008 animated documentary “Waltz with Bashir.” The film is about a man trying to piece together dreams he is having with memories of his past in the IDF during the Lebanon War. I saw this film in the theatres when it first came out and was absolutely blown away by the graphics. I LOVE the color palette in the film. It is so simplistic, which it gives it this dark and ominous quality especially seen in the opening sequence with the dogs. I think the graphics are also really well done. They are really stylized almost taking on this graphic novel quality. Originally I thought the film was rotoscoped but after doing some research I found out the animators used Flash MX. 

An interview with the Animation Director can be found here.

Skip to 0:45 for clip:

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