Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Set Design!

During this year's Ultra Music Festival, attendees were treated to much more than a full schedule of DJs. They also had outstanding visual aesthetics to complement the music, synchronized to every beat. The amazing results you see in this video are the successful result of collaborations between SJ Lighting (stage/laser lighting design) and Dierson Design (programming). Lightwave International, the production company responsible for piecing it all together, is a professional production company that specializes in concert design (lighting, lasers, LED visuals) and special effects for movies and corporate/touring/civic events. Some of their other credits include Coachella 2013, Pretty Lights, Jay-Z, and The Killers. Customized water screens, fog screens and CO2 shows are some of the unique special effects they also use to create an amazing and captivating show. Here is their Reel:

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