Friday, May 3, 2013

DRAW MY LIFE - Zach King

I really enjoyed this video.  I have seen many other videos from this user, but I though this one was cool for a few reasons.  To start, he talks about his life an how he got into making all of his videos and his inspiration.  The other part that makes this really cool, is the animation that he does.  The theme is that of a pop-up book with all the animations drawn.  He brings this into a whole other realm by having them interact in 3D space.  When you look closely, you can see points that he made on both the horizontal and vertical planes for tracking purposes.  On the horizontal paper, there are “x”s and on the chairs, there are pieces of blue tape.  I assume these are tracking points because they are out of place and I have seen him use this type of method before.  Over all, the video is quite inspirational and well done.  I would also like to thank you Arturo for a great semester.  I learned a Lot in this class, so thank you!

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