Monday, February 14, 2011

Black Swan FX

So I saw Black Swan last night and when I was done watching it I was thinking about how they did some of the FX in the movie. I looked on youtube and found a great before and after video of the effects. I really love before and after videos that show you different stages and layers of effects because it makes it easier to understand how it was done. Here's the video for those of you who have seen the movie.


  1. Welcome to movie magic! THis is the prefect example of how concept. storyboard, character design, art design and all other departments work together with cinematography to provide the different elements that make up the final composited picture the audience will choose to believe. I all starts with the idea and the development of the concept in visual form.

    That is why I insist that you at least sketch-out in paper the concept so you can follow it to conclusion, instead of just playing around with the tools to see what comes out.

  2. That was so cool!!! I didn't realize how many of those components were added on using effect!