Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First 3D Full Movie

Hey guys, I found this on the Hollywood Reporter. It's a movie shot entirely in 3-D. It's different than Avatar because this was shot with 3-D cameras, not just done digitally after the movie was already shot.

Wim Wenders 3D Film


  1. Just from watching the trailer this movie seems cool. But the thing is, I don't feel that making all movies into 3D is the best bet, mainly because a lot of people get sick, dizzy or get a head ache when they watch 3D movies. While this is different, I guess people will have to see if this changes the side effects.

  2. I think the title of the post is a little misleading since there have been other movies shot in 3D. There are not yet real 3D cameras, what they are is "rigs" that align 2 cameras (or 2 lenses within one package) to recreate the parallax that creates our own stereo-vision. Avatar did use 3D cameras to shoot the live action footage but of course you cannot achieve the same freedom that you have when 3D happens in a virtual world.

    As for people getting dizzy or headaches that is mostly due to poor 3D understanding, like bad misalignment of optical elements and other factors which were very common in early 3D, in particular the "anaglyph" method which uses the 2-color glasses (red-cyan) Our brain does not tolerate optical discrepancies very easily.