Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Mystery Guitar Man

Hey folks,

I liked this video, although I didn't watch it in 3D yet. "The Mystery Guitar Man" produces weekly shorts that look to me like they make use of AfterEffects tracking functions. A little entertainment and some inspiration as well.

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  1. This is a combination of motion tracking and probably using an audio generated function like the one we will explore next class (it will be easy:-) trust me! I think first they generated an amplitude triggered simple particle system as a 3D layer, then set up a camera looking at the resulting wave coming towards it.

    There are some 3D stereo scripts for AE that if someone is interested you can get from me. The output results in an anaglyph (red,cyan) displaced image like the one on this video.

    The main problem with this video is that it violates one of the basic principles of 3D, that is, the objects coming towards the viewer must NEVER intersect the window frame. Otherwise parts seem to be "outside" (positive z) and part of the same object is in negative space at the same time. Booo!