Friday, August 29, 2014

Writing on the Wall: Music Video

So my first Motion Graphics blog post goes out to this amazing music video by the band "Ok Go" The song is titled "Writing on the Wall."

This music video does an absolutely amazing job of organically using camera angles, and video illusions with literal in motion graphics to bend the mind. The ending does an amazing job of showing just how difficult of a production it was, and how many people were involved.

The ending also alludes to the fact that this entire video was created in one take which just adds to the insanity that is this music video. This is probably about as close to a Rube Goldberg music video as you'll ever see.

This video just shows that perspective can be everything and that some of the preproduction and setup would be insane. I can't even imagine what the storyboarding for this music video would look like, because my brain is still fried from just trying to keep up with the actually video.

Definitely worth a watch for sure!

- Kenny Chapman

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