Friday, August 29, 2014

Motion Graphics and Animation take 2

Second time around attempting this class for me, this time I'm going to try and retain use of my arms. I really want to get good at little stupid things, like doing YTPs (which might get their own post later) or a cool opening sequence for my DnD group.

The class blog is a great way to show the class stuff you're working on or stuff you think is neat. Sometimes Arturo looks it over in class MAKING people see what you posted! Cool, huh?

Some of my posts from last semester are here, check 'em out if you want to experience some stuff like Hasbro's gross attempts at theatrical releases , new 3D animation technologies , or cool use of textures on 3D characters 

It can be hard to get noticed, but Arturo's blog can totally make you go from this:

To having your thing be awesome and standing on its own:

Will there be awesome stuff from everyone this semester?

You bet.

Keep an eye out for it.

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