Thursday, August 27, 2015

Animating Human Dressing

Scenes of people/characters getting dressed in animated films are usually missing because it is hard to manipulate cloth to make the action look realistic. However, researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a solution to this problem by creating a tool that allows animators to make the action of getting dressed look realistic. The tool lets the animated characters manipulate the simulated cloth to get dressed in a number of different ways as well as includes a variety of garments and fabrics the characters can dress in.

I thought this was a really neat animation tool researchers came up with, and something that could really change the world of animation. It could be developed even more and be used in an array of animated movies, television shows, commercials, etc. in the future. Animators could finally show this action in movies, which is a big step forward in the animation world. The tool's main goal goes beyond animation though. The creators ultimately want the technology to help them create "assistive technologies that would enable robots of the future to help disabled or elderly adults with self care, such as getting dressed."

To read more about the technology click here.

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