Thursday, August 27, 2015

NPR: Photo Realistic Images on the Rise!

It wasn't until last semester in my New Telecommunications and Technologies class that I was introduced to the idea of a robotic image that existed in the 3D graphic world which has the power and ability to completely erase humans in the digital medium. How you ask this is possible? NPR.

NPR stands for non-photorealistic rendering which allows the enabling of a large variety of expressive styles catered for digital art, and in recent times it has gotten a lot more popular than one would have imagined. As Antony Ward puts it why would one chose anything but NPR especially with the ease in which 3D photorealism has become available?

With new age technology Films are being realized through creating photorealistic images, although 3D was introduced awhile ago the ability to generate its "perfect double" was still an obstacle. Now even actors can be created completely virtually and are able to replace live actors in the film medium. However, with the inability to produce virtual voice that sounds organic and natural enough to fits its virtual image, human actors are used to fill that disparity, but with the continuous advancements in technology soon human actors will be completely replaced by their virtual counterparts.

Although NPR is a great discovery within animation, it won't ever take over cartoons, a medium of unrealistic art that has an innocent appeal and connect with children. However, with that said companies like Pixar have used NPR  to makes their animations a lot more appealing without taking away the whole cartoon formula. Pixar uses NPR in a way of enhancing rather than replacing their cartoons.

Although entertainment seems to be the popular industry for NPR, its actually most popularly used in technological manuals, as its much easier to build something using realistic images to guide one through.

Photo courtesy of CreativeBlogQ

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