Thursday, August 27, 2015

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air.

After becoming someone who roams the internet out of habit rather than personal pleasure anymore, the amount of creativity that I've come across is honestly crippling. Well, crippling in the sense that say you go to a Van Gogh museum and you get so enraptured by his work that you cry 5 times throughout the day. Except instead of crying, it's a vague sense of oneness with people on the internet just like you, creating things that you thought only gods were capable of. And then I found this masterpiece:

Titled Dog of Wisdom, (the only thing that could actually describe this work), a pair of floating mutts is featured and they pretty much just go to town in conversation. In over a few days, a post on Tumblr got over half a million views. The only problem was that the creator was not sited in the post most know it from. I actually had to go and do research to find the original video, which you'll find matches and even triples that amount.

Anyway, as amateur artist, one thing that constantly gets me is a lack of citation and credit towards artists. All of this hard work (see; above) could've gone to waste because someone was selfish and wanted to claim a masterpiece as their own. Don't do that. Cite ya artists. They are struggling.

PS: Happy belated National Dog Day, am I right? Dogs af.

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