Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Animation Movement and Music

I love animated music videos. So often the true artistic meaning of a song cannot be properly conveyed through live action, so for me this represents a profound opportunity for creative expression. Take for instance the work of Felix Colgrave:

Everything flows in a way that is truly striking. Every beat, chord and solo is represented with bright colorful and strangely beautiful characters. Even though the song might not having anything to do with what we're seeing, it's spirit and message is all there..

Take this one made to compliment Mika's song Lollipop:

Everything just flows in a way that's not only visually stunning but also creatively brilliant. The texture of the song is brought to life in rich sugary detail. the whole frame springs to life from the lyrics of the song in a way that only an animation can.

I know this class deals more with 3D, but I couldn't help but share my affection for animated music videos.

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