Friday, April 5, 2013


Alright this is a real throwback but don't a good one worth checking out. Norman McLaren was a Canadian filmmaker who was really revolutionary in the field of Animation. He did a lot of hand drawn work were he would animate directly on celluloid film. McLaren also worked a lot with sound, actually creating soundtracks by marking up film as well.

His 1952 film, Neighbours, actually won him an Oscar for Best Documentary. Neighbours is a lot like a pixelated film using stop motion techniques to animate the characters. Like I said before, McLaren worked a lot with sound, and I love the way the soundtrack of this film interacts with the action. The message of the film is great too. It gets at this idea of the competing neighbors and how sharing is often lost in lieu of possession. McLaren was way ahead of his time, definitely worth checking out his works.

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