Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cool Effects

So at the beginning of the semester we did a little audio visualizer animation that was based on the levels of the bass and treble.  Here is an example of an audio visualizer that is much more complicated than that:

Thats pretty cool.  But this is way cooler.

This is a tutorial that shows how to have a frozen in time effect.  This effect can have varying levels of difficulty.  You need to make a way to have a camera do identical motions.  This can be very difficult but there are many ways to do it.  The tutorial has a specific device that does this.  Next you take multiple shots with the camera going in the same motion with just the actors in different places.  Then you simply mask over the shots to combine them in After Effects.  If you don't need to add any 3D elements that are not in the original shots then you are done.  If you do then you need to go into 3D programs and add them.  I get lost at that point but from this tutorial I could make a cool freeze frame that would look pretty cool.

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