Friday, May 2, 2014

Final Post: More of My Favorite Animation

Well folks it's the end of the year. Our screenings start next week and most of our projects are done…I hope.

For the posts I've researched this semester, I've finally had the chance to find out how some of my favorite pieces in animation were made. A lot of the other posts that I've seen on here have shown me some motion graphics and animated topics I wasn't aware of.

      The Master of Sex (Never heard of this show but found it really surpassing)
      Twitch Plays Pokemon (Really wanted to get in on this)

I want to end my entry time here with some of my favorite forms in animation I've come to to love over the years. 

You Are a Pirate
Fred Perry
Gold Digger Time Raft 
(Hand-Drawn Animated Style)

The Boondocks
Adult Swim
(Japanese Animation Style)

Robot Chicken
(Stop Motion Animation)

The Mask 

This last video has been one of my favorite animated transformations. I've been looking around to find what programs they used for getting the mask on Jim Carrey, but my research has yet to yield results. 

As for its sequel Son of the Mask….

….I like to think of it more as a weird phase Loki was going through before he returned in Thor and The Avengers.

Maybe that round with the Hulk brought him to his seneses
While I don't think I'll be pursuing a career in animation to the degree of Toy Story, I'm glad I was able to get the experience of learning some of the basics of using after effects.

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