Saturday, May 3, 2014

There's My Chippy

Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! is perfectly representative of everything that I see funny in a television program. In my opinion I'm sure at least 9/10 of the general public will pass off the show as garbage but to me, it appeals to my sense of humor. It does not, for the most part, use expensive and complicated special effects; it uses simplistic and juvenile techniques and confusing writing/dialogue to create a unique and non-sensical product. Its heavy use of green screen and basic me-level of After Effects is laughable. It does, however, probably take a lot of skill to produce because while the humor is nonsense and confusing, it is still captivating and there is still a very faint plot to each episode. The simplicity is still gone about artistically. The eleven minutes flies by because you're both captivated and confused the entire time.

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