Friday, January 27, 2012

Title Sequence - United States of Tara

This week I started watching the TV show United States of Tara. The title sequence is very well done and because of the things we've talked about in class, I found myself wondering how they made it.

I looked it up and it's stop motion made with paper pop-up characters and settings. I also found this behind the scenes video which shows how they did it, and has the completed sequence at the end.

The titles won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design. The video led me to the creator, Jaimie Caliri's, site, where he has posted other amazing videos in the same style. I like his ad for United Airlines is even better than the U.S of Tara video.

Jamie Caliri United Airlines Dragon

I'd recommend watching his videos to anyone who's interesting in paper stop-motion.

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