Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Star Wars Uncut

My friend recently showed me this video; it's a complete remake of Star Wars: A New Hope in 15 second intervals by fans. It was directed by Casey Pugh and even won a Primetime Emmy for interactive Media. In 2009 she called out for fans of the franchise to send in a 15 second shot or animation of the favorite scenes and she pieced them all together. The fan-made video, 2 years in the making, recreated the movie through live action, flash, stop motion, 3D animation, video game graphics, Lego's and more. As it gained popularity, it came under scrutiny for copy-right infringement, but it's loyal fans have claimed it just enhances the value of the film by showing how much it really means to people.

I haven't watched the whole thing (over 2 hours) but just skipping around you can see how the film is able to almost seamlessly transition between animation and live action by staying true to the story line. Each section, especially the animation and stop motion intervals, show people's interpretations of both the movie and of media. The video ranges from kids with paper beards taped to their faces to some really impressive animation and effects.

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