Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tree of Life Special Effects

The Tree of Life released in 2011 and was nominated for three academy awards: best picture, director, and cinematography. The first time I saw this film, it blew me away. It was a little too long, but other then that I thought it was fantastic. Other then the performances of the actors, the feature that really stood out to me was the special effects.  This film took thirty years to make, which sounds ridiculous but it shows. The special effects supervisor wasn’t a fan of CGI, so they created their special effects the old fashioned way. They took footage of smoke, liquid flowing through funnels, etc. to create the cosmos and space imagery. My favorite use of special effects was the scene with the dinosaur’s. They used real footage of a stream with rocks and added in the dinosaurs which made them look even more realistic. I highly recommend this film for anyone who loves experimental films since the plot isn’t linear. 

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