Friday, March 1, 2013

Lego Story

This little animation is a homage to the story of Lego, how the bricks came about from a Danish toymaker and how they have impacted the world.

This little animation has a style that resembles stop motion clay characters, and has a vast amount of interesting transitions and styles of lighting and texturing. The 3D animation is perfect for this kind of story because the bricks themselves can be molded to create any object in real life 3-dimensional space; to make a 2d animation about 3d bricks would be redundant.

This really shows that the style of animation has to fit the subject matter at hand. It must compliment, not take away from, the topic at hand. The animation itself should not be the focus; if you're audience is focused on the animation the whole time, then they haven't payed attention to what you were trying to say with the animation.

Food for thought.

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