Friday, August 30, 2013

First Post and Interesting Teaser

Hi there everyone,

My name is Greg Wolf and I’m really looking forward to this semester of MG&A. I enjoy video editing a lot, and everyone I have ever talked to has said that a working knowledge of after effects is essential in the job market, so I’m very excited to be able to put that on my resume. I want to be a utility player wherever I end up past college, and so I feel like this class is essential. That being said, I’m also excited to learn more about 3D stuff like Maya, and see if that suits me as well. 

On that note, the video I have today is a trailer for “Red Vs Blue” a fairly popular web series  on youtube and elsewhere. The thing that makes this video interesting is that the camera slides along the outside of the logo for the show itself, done in 3D. As the camera goes along, scenes from the past 10 seasons of the show play on the logo itself with plenty of light bloom/lens flare effects, although you don’t know that the object that the camera is moving along is the logo for the show. Then at the end the camera comes out and shows the logo for the show. This was a couple of years ago, and when I saw this it made me really think about how this sort of thing is done, in particular, how to make this type of consistent 3D space for use in a title. I feel like this effect of the title being used as the trailer itself is pretty effective, and an interesting variation on the usual teaser style trailer.

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