Friday, August 30, 2013

First post, graphics tutorial on camera tracking abilities in AE CS6 and final short film result.

My name is Joel Mastrantuono and am really looking forward to learning programs such as after effects and many others this semester, so I figured for my first post, I would post a tutorial and the short film for which that tutorial was created. I found this account last year and now his channel is one of my favorites for tutorials and gear reviews. Down below I posted two videos, one is a tutorial on camera tracking effects in After Effects, and how it can be used to easily steady some shaky footage and add titles to that footage. I was surprised after watching this video how easy it was to make such a complex effect with CS6. I really enjoyed watching how you can place a title in 3d space and have it match the movements of the camera so that it seems as if the title was truly a part of the shot. While his tutorial only covers a short segment of this short film, there are plenty more effects that I really enjoyed as well. For example during the end of the actual short film, the camera tracking abilities were once again used to place the hologram in the characters hands, as well as to have the crash towards the end match the rest of the footage. Overall both of these are great videos and I suggest you check these videos out, as well as others on his account.

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