Friday, August 30, 2013

This is going to be a great semester!!!!

Hey Y'all, 

I spent my summer in New York City interning with a post production house called Red Car. They are a national creative editorial company founded my Larry bridges. They offer their clients a diverse roster of creative editors, designers, animators, and visual effect artists. A majority of the projects that they work on is 30 and 15 second commercial spots for companies such as Olive Garden, Kohl's and so much more. Throughout my internship I got the chance to sit in on color correction meetings, sound design meetings, and watch how the animators created something out of nothing. I really enjoyed the time i got to spend watching the visual effect artist, I found it to be the most interesting portion of the commercial process. More often then not people get annoyed with having to watch commercials throughout their program and tend to fast forward through commercials if they can do so. I on the other hand really enjoy watching them because:
1. When a commercial is executed correctly the creators are only given 15 to 30 seconds to tell an entire story, personally I think that's pretty impressive. 
2. It's just really cool to see what they can create when it comes to animation. 

I am really looking forward to this class because I would love to be able to a least understand how someone would go about creating commercials such as this

- Tori 

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