Friday, August 30, 2013

Motion Graphics for Learning

Hello! My name is Canon and I'm really excited to be finally be taking this MG&A class. Seeing as this is a blog I thought I share a quick bit about my blog experience... more specifically, the Wordpress I was working on this summer:

It's mostly a collection of photography and traveling adventures I had this summer. By far the most epic summer I've ever had. But enough on that... what I really want to talk about is a fascination I've had with how motion graphics and animation can be used in educational settings. First, I recommend you watch a piece of this TED Talk by Hans Rosling. This video is now about 7 years old so it's possible you've already seen it. His data and information has come under criticism for being over-simplified, but the message behind his presentation is what's most important: data can be boring, but it's visualization is beautiful.

If you're tight on time I recommend watching the first 3 minutes and last 3 minutes. Of course, watching all of it would be best.

Motion graphics and animation have a huge potential in education because... let's be honest, we all love animation. All we have to do is sit back, watch, and enjoy. When you turn education into an animation, the audience becomes much more willing to engage. It doesn't stop with charts and graphs that move around. There is endless room for creativity when it comes to educational animation!

I'll leave you with this final video by Taylor Mali. It's by far one of my favorite poems, videos, and animations all rolled into one. Pay attention to how you can be educated, motivated, and entertained all at the same time. True brilliance.

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