Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another nice little Animation, and the use of sound in animations

This is an animation that I found this week, and Im posting it mostly because I really like the art style, and it is a clear example of the importance of sound in animations. Arturo is always talking about how you cant animate without sound, because you need something to animate to, and to be able to base timings on. Here, every sound effect has perfect placement with the arrows being shot, or hooks being thrown. Without the sound effects, this animation wouldn't be much of anything. The Art style is iterating to me because obviously your average youtuber doesn't have the time or money to make real 3D happen and to make it look good, so the animator opted for 2D characters on 2D backgrounds, but inside of a 3D space. This is an effect that we actually have talked about and that I could accomplish pretty easily myself. Obviously the art is sort of outside my area of expertise because it is pretty nice, but this sort of thing is totally doable.

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