Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Food Fight - US War History Depicted via Food

In a somewhat hilarious yet simultaneously, oddly sobering After Effects experience, "Food Fight" manages to summarize and depict a variety of United States-centric wars, using food to represent people and machines. Hamburgers and french fries line the streets, representing American soldiers and tanks, going up against a variety of food from different countries (which also represents those respective countries).

It all has a stop motion feel to it, and seems to be viewed through what looks like an old film camera. Sound effects and music punctuate the views, with human screams and blood-curdling explosions commonplace. It's all very disconcerting, especially since what we're looking at is only food, after all.

The art direction is simple, with the food represented in warm colors with little shadowing. The backgrounds are all just a tone of brown. Nonetheless, it's an effective, entertaining video that offers a different perspective on how this country's wars happened.

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