Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Projection Mapping

For this week I decided to post a sequence of projection mapping videos because of some of the things we discussed in class. I think projection mapping is a really interesting and impressive blend of new technologies. Also it can and has been applied to a variety of art forms. Projection is being used as entertainment at fairs and festivals, video, and even musicals/plays are starting to recognize the potential this new form of visual expression possesses. Disney has been using projection technologies for years in their shows and festivals. This is an art form that will become very common place in the US, like it has in Europe already.
This is the first part of a series of projection mapping projects made by a group that has been put up on the PlayStation video store. This is just really incredible and intricate. Augmented reality has interested me for a long time and this is definitely something that can and will be used to create newer and better augmented reality technology.
This is the second of those videos. The rest are on youtube if you're interested.

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