Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mario is Warped to the "Real World"

Titular video game character Mario is inserted into the real world in this hilarious After Effects parody by Matthew Dominick.

While attempting to use a common item in his world (a warp whistle, thus the name of the video), which would normally transport Mario to a different location in his own world, Mario suddenly finds himself on the streets of what appears to be New York City. Wandering around for himself, he soon finds that things aren't quite so different from his world, and he adjusts accordingly.

Aesthetically, the video is fairly well made. Mario, a 8-bit character, is inserted sort of like a cardboard stand-in in our own world, as he has his own shadow and his lighting is similar to that of the world around him, even though he is a flat, pixelly little dude. He throws fireballs at actors, which are a lot higher detailed than he is, but it doesn't seem to take viewers out of the experience.

The video culminates in Mario suffering a disastrous fate at the hands of multiple real-life vehicles, but he ends up 'winning' anyway, as he made it to the castle - In this case, a White Castle. An entertaining short, at the very least.

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