Thursday, October 24, 2013

After Effects Tributes

For my final project, I want to make a title sequence for my friend's documentary about hops production and micro breweries. I've been brainstorming ideas such as names been poured in glasses through particles, tractor's picking up hops, hops rolling and formulating into names, and many others. I've been looking at reproductions of title sequences to understand what aspects to capture and I've found some that are possible to remake and capture the true essence of the specific film. I think that simple titles, even 2D, can capture the true meaning of a film and the simplicity, like the Pee-Wee animation, can capture the cartoony feel and important parts of the film without giving too much away. The use of sound is necessary and syncing up effects and music will enhance my final project. The Pee-Wee intro utilizes Sure Target but the only flaw are the stationary clouds. As Pee-Wee moves, the clouds stay still and it's distracting and takes away from the passing buildings and overall title sequence. The 007 title sequence uses transparency filters and layers that sync with the music to create a seductive yet mysterious feel. I think it works well and the silhouettes of the female characters are reminiscent of a James Bond film.


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