Friday, October 4, 2013

Blast to the Past – Animator vs. Animation

So I wrote this really great blog post about an incredibly creative video called 'Animator vs. Animation', when I accidentally pressed the undo button a couple too many times and it deleted everything I wrote. And then THANK GOD it automatically saved the nothingness.

Needless to say, tears are dripping onto the keyboard right now. But I gotta give you guys something so I hope you don't mind if I sum up what I wrote. First off, here's the original video created by Alan Becker:

The video has many sequels, including my favorite where they go onto the desktop of the computer:

After this I talked about these videos paving the way for creative videos taking place on a computer. I tied this into a recent short film called "Noah", which tells an entire story through the eye of a computer screen. I'm having trouble getting the video embedded here but you can check it out on this site:

Sorry for the lack of beautiful words guys but I don't want to damage my computer with all of these tears falling on the keyboard. *sigh* Better luck next time. 

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