Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guinness And Rugby

Guinness has recently come out with 4 powerful ads promoting the sport of rugby.  The one that I chose is about a small Irish rugby team competing against the New Zealand All Blacks - the best team in the world to this day.  The small Irish men battled with the Kiwis and eventually ended up defeating them in a true David and Goliath story (which is the title of the ad).  The reason I chose this ad was because of the 3D effects that they use to make still photos appear to come alive and animate the players pictured.  Throughout the video you can see images of players running, passing, and tackling in what appears to be high-resolution, slow-mo video.  This was achieved through rotoscoping and photoshopping still images to create movable characters that could be animated in after effects.  I love the emotion behind the ad and the powerful feeling the animated images create in the viewer.

I am going to post this Guinnes ad about Shane Williams too because I like it and I think it's well done. It doesn't have much to do with animation, but I think it's a beautifully done piece.

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