Friday, November 7, 2014


So here I was realizing it was Friday afternoon and I had yet to write up a blogpost for Animation so I started scouring the internet for something to entertain you people with. A quick search on the reddit subreddit - r/animation provided me with a really entertaining and topical (considering what we learned last class) video that will surely stir some level of nostalgia in you guys. Or maybe not, who knows.

The video in question

Considering I'm an Emerging Media major, I should really be able to figure out how to embed this video rather than just posting it as a link but alas here we are and I should probably get back on track. I was spending most of my time during thursday's class looking for a good scene for the new project so I wasn't actually using the roto-brush tool, but this video really opened my eyes to the possibilities that get opened up with rotoscoping. In this case, the humor of the original video is these guys tossing aside the traditional greetings of "hello" or "hi" for an exaggerated and elongated "waaaaazuuuuuuup," but the animator took that and adapted the overall aesthetics to reflect the vibe that goes with "waazup," specifically the unnatural length of the tongues as they say the phrase. Each one of the characters gradually evolves into caricatures of their laid-back, hanging-out selves.

I really really really like this video because it opens up, at least to me, a new canvas to practice some of the skills that we have been learning in this class. While inserting ourselves into a particular scene, like we are doing for our project, is a similar exercise, this video reminded me that commercials are meant to arrive at a point relatively quickly as well as the fact that they very frequently require making fun of so it might as well be satirized in an animated format. I don't know. I'm just ranting.

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