Friday, November 21, 2014

Exploring the Works of David ORielly

David ORielly is an Irish animator and artist, who's works is the best kind of weird.
Some of his more well known works are the episode "A glitch is a glitch" of the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time, which he wrote and directed.

 His shot film "The External World", which blends treads of seemingly un-related oddities together beautifully.
He did some short animations for Adult Swim, and even sat in as a writer on this season of "South Park".
Part of what makes me gravitate towards ORielly's stuff, is how raw it is. Weird crap happens, and un-apologetically so. Watch "The External World" and you'll see what I mean.
I'm also a fan of his low-poly style. It gives everything a neat look and pairs well with the glitchy looking effects he likes to use.

Seriously, give this guy's stuff a look. If you can handle the weird, you'll be delighted. And if you can't, then you're gonna get your mind blown.

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