Friday, November 7, 2014

Project Omote: Make up-less Make up

Project Omote combines face tracking and projection mapping to create new faces on faces in real time. The system uses projection mapping to display images on a person’s face. Face tracking allows the image to be maintained and adapted even as the user turns their head. As in most motion tracking, there are nodes placed on the user’s face at specific points to maintain the tracking. As it is right now, the Omote system is mostly just art—an installation of sorts. The lights projecting images are very bright, so users cannot open their eyes. Instead, eyes are projected atop closed eyelids. It does not appear to have a real purpose, but it is awfully cool to look at. It would be kind of interesting to see something like this developed further so it could be used practically and with one’s eyes open. For example, it would be quite cool to see the system implemented in stage productions. Theatre already uses light to transform a scene. Using light and motion tracking to transform a performer is just the next step.

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