Thursday, February 26, 2015

Google Launches YouTube Kids Application

It's amazing to think that YouTube was founded when I was in 5th grade; it sure has been a long time since 2005. But, it has become abundantly clear, in the past nine years, that online streaming media has become a staple in electronic entertainment (alongside television, radio, and the telephone); And YouTube, has always been the one leading the way. Recently at the 2015 Kidscreen Summit in Media, Google Inc. launched a new mobile application aimed specifically at children by providing a broad selection of family-focused, age-appropriate YouTube channels and videos. What was once an on-demand television parental setting, has now become an operational streaming service dedicated to media consumption without the threat of inappropriate content in commercials.

As the company's first official standalone application for children, the unveiling received great reception when it was simultaneously added to the Google Play Store and was made available on all Androids and iOS devices. More specifically, the application selects and manages content in four respective channels: shows, music, learning, and explore. Some of the most popular content offered on the application includes National Geographic Kids, DreamWorksTV and Talking Tom and Friends, as well as episodes and clips from PBS's Sesame Street.

As a strictly educational media streaming service, YouTube Kids is completely free to the user and is subsequently funded by age-appropriate advertisements (similar to Hulu's advertisement arrangement). It's great to see Google moving in the educational direction with media consumption and content recommendations. Google believes that the future is in educational streaming media; it's evident that many more educational institutions are making a transition to online homework submission. Streaming video is just the beginning.

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