Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Image Stabilization

With image stabilization becoming very accessible in the form of software programs such as Hugin Panorama CreatorBlenderDeshaker, Adobe After Effects, etc. people can do their own image stabilization very easily. This has brought forward a lot of creative applications of image stabilization. What was originally meant for stabilizing shaky footage has become a tool for creating totally new ways of looking at otherwise normal footage. For example, here is a video of a street performer doing contact juggling with the video stabilized on the crystal ball:
Here is a time-lapse video of the night sky with the video stabilized on the stars, revealing that the earth is spinning rather than the stars revolving:
And here is a video of an award show with the video stabilized on Weird Al Yankovic floating past an interview:
With more easy to use, free software programs coming out, I'm sure people will take image stabilization to a whole new level in the next couple years.

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