Sunday, February 8, 2015

Leika Art From Coraline Released

Leika is the production company behind Oscar Nomination Box Trolls as well as Paranorman and Coraline. The company has recently decided to put some of the art behind their films up for auction. While this doesn't necessarily mean as much for Box Trolls and ParaNorman, since their art has long been released to the public in the form of artbook companions, Coraline's concept art is shown for the first time.

Some of it is really interesting and beautiful, and because of the nature of Leika's stop-motion animation style, the art encompasses not only handdrawn and painted illustrations, but also puppets and animation maquettes.

The auction is only live for about four more days, and while the prices are rising quickly out of the typical college students' range, they're definitely worth looking at.

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