Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Animation Apps

Let us talk about some animation apps! #emergingmedia

  1. Animation Studio - $.99 - This app includes all of the necessities (brushes, tools, layers)  that one would need for drawing or creating 2D animation on a mobile device. You can upload your content directly to Youtube from this app and it allows you to add audio. It even includes premade stickers and characters that you can animate.
  2. Animation Desk - $2.99 - This is an app that is more geared towards the iPad and is specifically designed to be used with a stylus. This app is perfect for creating original art and then animating it. This app utilizes onion skins to hand draw animations.
  3. Toontastic - FREE - This is a fun interactive animation app. There is a wide range of stickers to drag and drop around the screen and record their action. This app is good to get younger generations into animation because it is very simple to use.

*** MotionPortrait - FREE - This is an app that takes still portraits and using tracking points to animate the image into a slightly moving cartoon. This app is really useful for concept art and is a cool use of animation technology.

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