Friday, December 4, 2015

Excessive Expression

I've been looking at a lot of foreign made animated content lately, and I've noticed that many of the pieces have no dialogue whats so ever. I like that a lot of animations cut the dialogue to make their content more universally understandable. Take this thesis film for example, made by incredible artist and animator Vivienne Medrano.
The animation, while being silly and lighthearted includes themes of prejudice, queer themes and love. Just from the characters color pallets and expressions we have a clear idea of their personality. 

Also the music is really something else. There is hardly any diegetic sound, but the music does such a wonderful job of disguising it that you rarely even notice. The art style itself is fun and poppy, and the designs of the characters speak volumes about their personalities ie the police owls. 

I really feel as though you can't make these kinds of films with live action. Human movement is too clunky and awkward to choreograph in this way, and acting would be a nightmare since so many of the characters expressions are so silly and over the top. 

I hope you guys enjoy the animation. I've watched it about 3 times now, and I'm always finding something new about it to enjoy! 

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