Thursday, December 3, 2015

Shot On What? - The Technical IMdB

Have you ever wondered how a certain movie is made from a technical point of view? Have you ever ask questions like what camera did they shoot on? what did they edit on? Did they use this software or that program to edit and do the VFX? I know I have asked that question about several films.

If you wanted to know the answers to questions like those, then I have the site for you! is an awesome database that shows you what tech and software that they used for certain movies. Its kind of like IMdB for film techies.

Through this site I learned about which movies used which software such as After Effects and Maya. After Effects, while not the Hollywood standard based on the data I saw, is still quite popular and used for a good amount of films, including those from Marvel such as Iron Man 2, Captain America, and the Avengers. And Maya... Maya is basically the standard for 3D and VFX in Hollywood (at least thats what it seems like) based on the LARGE list of movies that say they used Maya in Post production.

The only downsides I would say about this site is that not every category for a film is filled in, so some data is still missing. And Some movies might not actually be up there, although Id say a large majority of movies are on this site. Also I wish that this site would specifically explain what each software or piece of gear of was used for on the movie.

But overall, I really love this site because its very cool to see the technical side of things when it comes to movie making.

I definitely recommend checking it out here:    

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