Friday, December 11, 2015

The Evolution of My Animation Skills

Flashback to August and our first class, I was excited to learn about Motion Graphics and Animation but admittedly, quite overwhelmed. I had never touched After Effects before, let alone Maya or Cinema 4D. The first few classes I was able to keep up with the basics. Quickly, though, I found myself trailing behind--not because I wasn't capable of what we were doing, but simply because the keyboard commands and programs as a whole were so foreign. 

It was a tough start getting going but the key is practice. I know that sounds redundant and obvious, but as your basic knowledge grows the better you're able to understand more complex concepts. 

Now, I'm much more confident in my skills. I'm able to watch simple animations and figure out at least conceptually how it's done. My knowledge in regards to the many different effects these programs offer has grown immensely and keyframing is now second nature.  

Just take a look at how my name animation has evolved.

My point in writing this is to encourage any newcomers who might be taking this course next semester, or someone who maybe has interest in the topic but finds the idea daunting. Do I see myself becoming an animator in the future? Not particularly. But I think the skill set you gain in understanding this type of media is incredibly useful no matter what branch of production you find yourself in. 

Happy Animating!

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